Wednesday, May 31, 2017

OC Transpo is not very Customer Friendly

This afternoon I spent at least an hour weaving my way through the Saint Laurent Transit Station with about 90 other folks in order to purchase a bus pass for June. There were numerous senior citizens walking with canes and looking visibly tired. And there was no place to sit down except for a few minutes as we passed the bench inside the southern side of the Station: the ones used by customers who are waiting for buses going west. Other than that there wasn't a chair in sight even though there were a few places where seating of some kind could have been made available to those in need. A helping hand would have been nice too. And to top it all off there were only two sales clerks available. I wasn't too impressed to say the least

Saturday, May 20, 2017

Pro Life Mass, Annunciation of the Lord Parish, Ottawa, ON, May 20, 2017

At the lovely reception put on by the CWL

Run With Life: Ottawa Citizen agrees to change policy regarding p...

Run With Life: Ottawa Citizen agrees to change policy regarding p...:

I think it's time we insist that newspapers use the word "pro-life" to describe us. Newspapers usually call us "anti-abortion". I took issue with this policy last week when I wrote a letter to the Ottawa Citizen after they changed a letter I wrote where I used "pro-life" to "anti-abortion".

I then contacted the Citizen and explained that I had a big problem with this change.

Then ensued a correspondence between myself and Christina Spencer, the editorial pages editor. She said they would review their policy of using the word "anti-abortion" instead of pro-life" after I explained how unfair this policy was to us, since we call ourselves "pro-life". And that, just like how editors call themselves editors and not "word-changers", we like to be called "pro-life" and not "anti-abortion".

In putting forth our position on calling ourselves "pro-life" I then explained:

"Cardinal Collins never used the word abortion in his homily. He used the words "Sanctity of Life", Gift of Life", "Cause of Life", "March for Life", etc. He also spoke about euthanasia and assisted suicide: our view is much broader than anti-abortion, it is about the sanctity of ALL life: 
"anti-abortion" is not what I wrote and definitely not what I meant. If it is the Citizens policy to use that word instead of the word we use ourselves--and the word I always use--the Citizen is manipulating my/our message. 
For someone to read my letter as it stands, who knows little or nothing about life issues, will believe that I/we call ourselves "anti-abortion" when this is simply untrue, misleading to readers, and unfair to us. 
Surely it is not the Citizen's goal to mislead/misrepresent their readers/letter writers? 
...another argument is this: It is one thing for the OC to use the word "anti-abortion" in articles written by staff members (and I don't agree with this either), but it is another thing entirely to change a letter that I have written to use the word "anti-abortion", when clearly the letter should be in my voice, not in the voice of the OC. And the same goes for Cardinal Collins: I was writing about what he said, it wasn't OC staff writing about what he said."
The Citizen has now agreed that:

"letter-writers should be given their own voices as much as possible, regardless of our other style protocols around the issue. As a result, I’ve gone in to our web file and updated your letter to use the term “pro life” where you used it."
I think this is very good news for us at the Ottawa Citizen. Now we need to educate other newspapers in Canada where this policy is practiced.

Thursday, May 18, 2017

Novena Prayer for the Healing of Canada


Pro-abortion/pro-euthanasia status quo in our country

I took this excerpt from a really terrific letter to Mayor Watson I read the other day and in spite of these facts, anyone who is against this status quo is treated with great contempt in Canada This hatred was certainly very visible by the actions of our mayor and many city councilors last week during the March for Life
This is the pro-abortion/pro-euthanasia status quo in our country, that is, that there should be no legal protection at all for children in the womb; that abortion must remain fully funded by the taxpayer; that physicians should be coerced into collaborating with abortion, euthanasia, and assisted suicide against their deeply held religious and/or conscientious convictions; that a violent criminal who assaults a pregnant woman and intentionally kills the baby she did NOT choose to abort should face no consequences for killing her beloved child”

And from the same letter to Mr. Watson

" I  do not know if you failed last Thursday to uphold our freedoms because you personally agree with the pro-abortion/anarchist protesters who intimidated the police into diverting our March. And maybe you personally agree with the seven Councillors who signed the discriminatory letter that contained the lie that access to abortion in Canada is a constitutionally protected right, demanding the pro-life flag be taken down. (In fact, all seven Supreme Court justices in the 1988 Morgentaler decision  agreed that the state has an interest in protecting the fetus; they all agreed Parliament could come up with a new abortion law to balance the interests of both women and unborn children).

Monday, May 15, 2017

Mother's Day, May 14th, 2017 at Blessed Sacrament Parish

Official installation of the miraculous pilgrim statue
of Our Lady of the Cape, Queen of Canada,
Mother's Day, May 14th, 2017 at Blessed Sacrament Parish
Ottawa, ON, Canada

Everything was beautiful
Mother Mary is beautiful!

The music from Maryvale Academy was outstanding
and The Ave Maria they sang
was my favourite version of the hymn

scroll down for a short video and photos
from the celebration

 Information on the

1947 Marian Congress

The Pilgrim Statue Crowning on Mother's Day 2017

Below is Father Tremblay
Director of the Cape talking with us by skype