Saturday, October 19, 2019

40 Days for Life 2019 - Annunciation of the Lord Parish

Today, Pat, Barb and I joined other members of our Parish and the Queenship of Mary Community to pray at the vigil site in Ottawa.

We Need A Law placed 100,000 flags on the lawn in front of the Supreme Court building.

Each flag represents a child killed by abortion in Canada during the past year.

Thank you Lord for the faithful souls who came out to pray today. There should be more though.

Thank you Lord for the good work done by We Need A Law. My hope is that some day the tide will turn and eyes will be opened to the absolute horror of abortion.

Friday, October 18, 2019

Pro Life Homily / Father Rob Arsenault C.C.

Father Rob gave one of the most compassionate pro Life homilies I have ever heard at the Pro Life Mass at Annunciation of the Lord Parish about a month ago 

40 Days for Life 2019 - Mid Point Rally

from Wanda

We’re over half way there. We’ve reached the middle of the campaign.

Join us for the 40 Days for Life mid-point rally, this Sunday October 20, 7:00 pm at the vigil site, southwest corner of Queen and Bank Streets. Our guest speaker is Father Mark Goring CC.

We can’t complain about the weather this year, for the most part, it’s been typical fall weather. No frosty days, and just a few rainy ones. God has been good.

To safeguard our supply bag, on days which are not covered by a group (uncommitted days), we keep the bag at St. Patrick’s Basilica, in the Scavi, beside the gift shop, where people can come and go to get a sign. We haven’t had any more thefts. On Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday, Father Tony Van Hee joins us at the vigil site and he has offered to watch over the supply bag on uncommitted days.

On September 30th we were pleased to have a large group of about 10 people from St. John the Baptist Catholic Parish in Perth Ontario, travel to Ottawa to join our vigil for a few hours. They plan a return visit during our Campaign.

Thank you to everyone who has come out to pray so far. There’s still time and it pleases God to see us defending His little ones.

Yours for Life,

Wanda Hartlin
40 Days for Life, Ottawa

Catholics MUST be PRO LIFE

In the Lobby of our Church 
Annunciation of the Lord Parish