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The 1988 Morgentaler Decision
Contrary to what many Canadians think, the Supreme Court of Canada, in its landmark 1988 Morgentaler decision striking down Canada’s abortion law, did not recognize a constitutional right to abortion. Nor did the Court “settle” the abortion issue as is often claimed.

A ‘RIGHT’ TO ABORTION?- ABORTION IN CANADIAN COURTS–Office of David Anderson, MP (July 2018)

Life Canada

Physicians for Life

The Bridgehead - Jonathan Van Maren

Priests for Life Canada

Run With Life  - Pat Maloney 

Canadians for Conscience

Emerging Assault of Freedom of Conscience
Euthanasia Prevention Coalition

Protecting People from Euthanasia and Assisted Suicide

Women in Distress / You are not alone
Action Life

Abortion Pill Reversal
If you've taken the abortion pill it may not be too late
Call 877-558-0333

Birthright Ottawa - Pregnant and Distressed? We are here to help you

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