Catholic Ottawa - A History

A Bit of the History of Catholic Ottawa from the Archives of the Ottawa Citizen

Procession of Corpus Christi: Ottawa Citizen, June 1, 1907

St. George Roman Catholic Church Recently opened: Ottawa Citizen, October 3, 1924

French Canadian Part in Ottawa History: Ottawa Citizen August 14, 1926

Roman Catholic Parish Created South of the Canal: Ottawa Citizen, November 12, 1929

Parish Church of Saint Theresa and Diocesan Shrine of the Little Flower near Completion,  May 5, 1930

Rumor, Another Catholic Parish in Ottawa East: Ottawa Citizen, June 2 1930

Making other changes in the Diocese of Ottawa: Ottawa Citizen, August 14, 1931

Blessed Sacrament Parish Has Interesting History: Ottawa Citizen, May 7, 1932

Impressive opening of Blessed Sacrament Catholic Church: Ottawa Citizen, May 9, 1932

Rev. Fr. O'neill named as Victoria Cathedral Rector: Ottawa Citizen December 19, 1932

Thousands join Rally of Holy Name Society: Ottawa Citizen June 6, 1938

Three Young Men of Ottawa Among Priests ordained: ( incl. Fr. William Fogarty) Ottawa Citizen, June 24, 1940

Two Young Priests Are Ordained in Ceremony in Hull: Ottawa Citizen, July 1, 1940

Opening of New Eastview Church: ( Assumption Catholic Church)  Impressive Event: Ottawa Citizen, December 23, 1940

Father Maurice Egan to Celebrate his first Mass: Ottawa Citizen, June 7, 1941

Saint Joseph Church Scene of Congress of Legion of Mary: Ottawa Citizen: October 6, 1941

Will Observe Centenary of Ottawa's Basilica: Ottawa Citizen, October 18, 1941

Miss Mary Brennan is Elected president: Ottawa Citizen, December 24, 1942

Cardinal Will Attend Great Catholic Rally: Ottawa Citizen June 28, 1943

Day of Prayer for Peace in Ottawa Churches Ottawa Citizen, September 6, 1943

Legion of Mary holds Diocesan Convention: Ottawa Citizen September 13, 1943

Legion of Mary Holds Congress: Ottawa Citizen : September 14, 1943

Reverend John J Burke Parish Priest Margaret Mary's Church dies: The Canadian Register : September 16, 1944

Legion of Mary Rededication : Ottawa Citizen, March 25th 1947

Archbishop to Bless new West End Church: ( Holy Rosary) Ottawa Citizen, May 21, 1947

Venerated Statue to be shown in Ottawa Churches: Ottawa Citizen, June 9, 1947

Devout Throngs greet statue on arrival: Ottawa Citizen, June 11, 1947

First Sunday Mass Our Lady of Fatima Parish: Ottawa Citizen. June 13, 1947

1947 Marian Congress; for numerous articles and photos see link below

New Parish Priest at Saint Joseph speaks at masses: Ottawa Citizen,  September 15, 1947  

Three priests Celebrate their First Mass: Ottawa Citizen, February 7, 1949

Many Ottawans Decorated by Pope: The Ottawa Citizen, June 11, 1949

Many Depart for Shrine at Ste. Anne:  Ottawa Citizen, August 14, 1949

Church Crowds Increase Under new Regulations: Ottawa Citizen, August 4, 1950

New Saint Mary's Church Completed: Ottawa Citizen, June 20, 1951

Saint Mary's honours New Almont Parish Priest - Fr. Maurice Eagan, January 28, 1953

Archbishop Vachon dies suddenly: Ottawa Citizen March 30th 1953

Open Hull's first English School:   ( Our Lady of the Annunciation) ; Ottawa Citizen, June 15, 1953

First Mass At Canadian Martyrs Church to be Celebrated tonight at Midnight: Ottawa Citizen , December 22, 1953

Rev. Robert Bedard ordained to the Priesthood: Ottawa Citizen, June 7, 1955

New Church for Manor Park: ( Our Lady of Mount Carmel) Ottawa Citizen, May 2, 1956

Immaculata High School Students Presented with Diplomas: Ottawa Citizen: September 11, 1956

Cardinal and Several Bishops will Celebrate at Centenary of St. Joseph Parish: Ottawa Citizen: October 30, 1956

New School Blessed in Cardinal Heights ( St. Gabriel Catholic School) Ottawa Citizen November 11, 1957

Corpus Christ Sunday marked by processions: Ottawa Citizen June 1, 1959

Post Changed for Parish priests ( St. Ignatius, Martyr and Our Lady of Lourdes Cyrville)  as two new City Parishes organized: June 2, 1959

25 Years for the Legion of Mary: Ottawa Citizen December 15, 1962

Many Bishops take Part in Pilgrimage to Shrine: Ottawa Citizen August 11, 1967

228 Persons make Shrine Pilgrimage:  Ottawa Citizen : August 28 1971

Bishop to say mass at Divine Infant in Orleans: September 8, 1979

Blackburn Hamlet: CCSB reconsiders name: Ottawa Citizen, November 1982

Catholic Laymen coming of age: Father Bob Bedard  December 9, 1982

Beacon Hill North Church to Move August 18, 1983 ( Annunciation of the Lord Parish)

Church ( Annunciation of the Lord ) to be built in Beacon Hill North June 7 1984

Poles to Have Front Row Seats at Papal Mass: Ottawa Citizen August 16, 1984

Path of Modern Society Questioned by Pope John Paul II: Ottawa Citizen, September 21, 1984

Papal Visit of Pope John Paul II to Canada 1984 click here

Divine Infant Congregation in Orleans building a Church
Sightings of Mary in Yugoslavia urge many to fast for world peace:  ( Father Bob Bedard) :Ottawa Citizen February 16, 1985

Life so Different in twin Parish in Nicaragua: Ottawa Citizen, August 3, 1985

Blackburn Hamlet Church: ( Good Shepherd Catholic Church)  Nears Completion : Ottawa Citizen, April 9, 1986

Blackburn Hamlet Church/Annex to open: Ottawa Citizen , June 13, 1986

Roman Catholic Diocese turns 100: Ottawa Citizen May 5, 1986

Father Ogle says First Mass Since Radiation Treatment: Ottawa Citizen, October 14, 1986

The Enduring Presence of Notre Dame Basilica: Ottawa Citizen: June 28, 1986

History of Saint Isidore Catholic Church in Kanata

Notre Dame Cathedral - Oldest Church in Ottawa

1947 Marian Congress; for numerous articles and photos see link below
Annunciation of the Lord Parish 2414 Ogilvie Road

St. Gabriel's Parish Fitzroy Harbour
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