The Maloney Connection

( The Maloney Connection )  is taken from the Book

When the Roll is Called Up Yonder There will be:
Forans, Ryans, Neilans, Gallaghers, Kellys, Maloneys, Sullivans, Drohans, O’Connors, Dunnigans, Connolly’s
by Lawrence P Foran

DEDICATION of the book by Lawrence P Foran
John James Foran had a keen interest in anything historical, but was especially interested in recording all he knew about the early settlement of Sebastopol. He was born there in 1894, the great grandson of one of the first couples to settle on the Opeongo. He became township Treasurer in 1917 at age 22 and assessor six years later. He served on council for two years and was elected Reeve in 1927. He was Reeve for eight years and County Warden in 1934. He moved to Eganville in 1938 and was Reeve of Eganville from 1940 t0 1944 and again from 1947 t0 1948. In Eganville he established a successsful lumber and forest products business. I dedicate this effort to him.

FORWARD  of the book by Lawrence P Foran
Initially this effort was only intended to transcribe and arrange the notes which my father, John James Foran, records about early settlers on The Opeongo. But I did try to incorporate other data collected over a period of almost 50 years and I received good help from my friend Tom Connolly of Ottawa. However, as Father Gravelle noted in one letter, not much rational organization of the two founding Foran families could succeed until my father's notes became available. As is noted, certain assumptions are based on his notes. I have perused the 1861, 1871, 1881, 1891 and 2001 census and incorporated detail. I have also referred to the files of the Eganville Leader and the abstracts prepared by Carol Bennett McCuaig of births and deaths noted in the Leader. I am much indebted to my mother for the detailed Scrap Books she made and kept.

While I intended this only for my family, I realized that founding families were naturally connected, and so one source led to another, and accordingly there may be information which would be of assistance to anyone interested in early families on the Opeongo. While as accurate as I could be, it still remains only a good starting place for further genealogical research. Not much has been attempted to record 5th and 6th and 7th generations, and this will be left to others to complete.

Below is a small exerpt from the book which I am adding to my Blog because of my Maloney Ancestry . Perhaps some day I will scan more of  Lawrence P Foran's information, but for the time being here is the information he compiled on the Maloneys - Also I have also added Irene Dooling's notes.   Maureen Ward

The Maloney Connection by Lawrence P Foran These families of Maloneys did not reside on the Opeongo, but rather on the Maloney mountain at Mount St. Patrick. But there is such a connection with them and the Foran and the Gallagher and the Drohan families, that I wish to include them. Michael Foran l's daughter Rebecca Jane was married to James Maloney, son of Michael Maloney and Mary Dundin. Katherine (Catherine) Gallagher, daughter of William Gallagher and Bridget McNamara, was married to James Maloney, son of Patrick Maloney and Catherine O'Brien. There were two John Maloneys married to two Drohan girls from the Opeongo. My fathers mother was Mary Anne Maloney, daughter of Patrick and Catherine Mary O'Brien. I have accumulated considerable material on these families but the main source I will use is my father's notes. I have also perused the 1861,1871 and 1881 census records and I have copies of documents concerning Patrick and Catherine form the United States including Patrick's applications to become a citizen of the U.S.A. (kindness of Eileen Maloney Condon of Regina), whose mother and father - Bill and Clara Maloney¬ did a very detailed genealogical work on the family of Bill's grandparents, John Maloney and his wife Deborah Moriarity. (John and Deborah were the grandparents of Helen O'Leary and accordingly the great grandparents of Willis O'Leary who was a Justice of the Alberta Court of Appeal and who visited with us several years ago.)

I believe it is a given that three brothers- Michael, John and Patrick were born in County Claire near Ennis, and came to Canada about 1850 and settled along what came to be known as the Maloney Mountain. Census records would indicate that Michael was the oldest, aged 43 in 1861. John was next in age and was 40 in 1861. Patrick, the youngest was aged 36 in 1861. As is the case in dealing with records, there is conflict as to Patrick's birth date. The burial records at Mount St. Patrick would indicate a birth date of 1811. His tombstone as 1820, U.S.A. census and naturalization papers 1824 or 1825. My father records that John was 4 years older than Patrick. What appears certain is that they arrived at Mount Saint Patrick at the time of Michael and James' birth and according to Dad they were born at Springtown. Church records state they were born June 13, 1856 and baptised July 20. This would indicate that they were born en route from the States to The Mountain. It is a known fact that many expectant mothers would remain at Springtown after the voyage up the Ottawa until their child or children were born. Springtown was the place where they would have landed. The American documentation indicates that Patrick and Catherine and Daniel left Ireland (possibly Limerick) and arrived at Morristown across the St. Lawrence from Brockville, New York on March 1, 1847. In 1850 they were residing at the Town of Antwerp, Jefferson County and by 1853 were living at Rossie (across from Gananoque. On November 5, 1855 Patrick took the oath of allegiance for American naturalization and moved to Canada in 1856. My father notes that they moved due to the fact they lost their home in Rossie to fire. (It is interesting to note hat Patrick signed all his documents and land deals as "MOLONY". It is accordingly difficult to understand the confusion over his age in the census and church records. He had very good handwriting and was sufficiently educated to become his municipality's assessor and tax collector so that he should have been able to record his proper address with the census taker.

The 1861 census shows Patrick and Catherine to have seven children. Daniel, aged 15 and born in Ireland, John and Margaret aged 9, and born in the US of A, Mary Anne 7 and born in Upper Canada (my father states she was born near Watertown NY which is probably correct) James and Michael aged 5 and Patrick aged 1.

Patrick acquired title to Lot 13 Concession 13 Brougham Township by grant from the Crown and also purchased the east half of lot 14 and the north half of lot 16. He accordingly had about 205 acres.

Patrick and Catherine Mary died in 1896, Catherine on December 5 and Patrick on December 11.

Patrick and Catherine Mary's eldest child Daniel, born in Ireland, went to Michigan early in life and according to my father, "took up land near to Escanaba". The same source states he died about 24 years of age, c. 1872.

Their eldest daughter Margaret, the twin of John, also went to Michigan and married Pat Dwyer who had come from Ireland. Pat and Margaret had a family of at least 6 children. James was killed in a railway accident as a brakeman in 1901. (As a young boy I remember reading a poem that was composed about the accident and his tragic death). Another son John worked for the railway and was a section foreman and yardmaster. He married Mary Brazil and had no children, I recall my father receiving a message that John had died and he left in a severe winter storm to go to his funeral. I also remember visiting his wife Mary at Escanaba on two occasions. Pat and Margaret Dwyer's third son Thomas disappeared years ago.

Their daughter Catherine married a man named Murphy and died without having any children. Elizabeth married AI. Baker and their only child died as an infant. I stayed with Al and Elizabeth one time I was at Escanaba.

Patrick and Catherine Mary's son John married Elizabeth Drohan, daughter of James Drohan and Mary Purcell early settlers on the Opeongo at Brudenell. Elizabeth was a sister of Ellen who married John T. Maloney, a son of John and Deborah. She was also a sister of Thomas who had married Mary Ann Gallagher (granddaughter of John Foran 1). John and Elizabeth had three sons who never married ¬James, Daniel and Harold, and one daughter Tessie who married James Doyle.

James' twin brother Michael (who had been born at Springtown) died about 1878 in the lumber camps at Griffith as the result of a forestry accident and James, as we noted, married Catherine Gallagher, daughter of William Gallagher and Bridget McNamara. They settled first in Minnesota and later at Calgary They were the parents of five children- Loretta, Leo, Norbert, Victor and Veronica. Leo visited our home with his second wife on several occasions and I have some pictures of them., Le.o was fjrst married to Mary Brick and then to Catherine Shields, of the Pine Valley area of Renfrew County. Leo and Catherine were the parents of Thunder Bay lawyers.Wl1iam and Victor Maloney, and of course William became a Justice of the Ontario supreme Court and as such often visited us at Pembroke.

Patrick and Catherine Mary's second daughter was Mary Anne, born in the U.S.A. (1861 census wrongly states Upper Canada) about 1854. She married my grandfather John Edward Foran at Mount St. Patrick on October 4, 1892. The attendants were Peter Ryan and Mary Guiney. The priest was Father Patrick T. Ryan, later Bishop of Pembroke. Three children were born of the union. My father John James was born April 3, 1894.

Katie May was born 1896 and married William Ruddy on November 8, !922. She died in 1962 leaving a family of 5- Rita (Pansy) married Aurel Lemieux, Roy, Jack, Audery and Greg. They are now all deceased except Rita. John Edward and Mary Ann had \another 'child, Bridget Loretta, born in 1900 who lived only a few hours.

Patrick Maloney and Catherine O'Brien's son Patrick, born in 1860, eventually took over the farm form his parents although James had initially done so. Patrick was married to Catherine Haley of Griffith on October 9, 1899. He died at Calabogie June 19, 1933 and Catherine died at age 66 in 1938. (There were so many cousins with the same first names that nick names were given such as Muddy Mick Maloney, Red Jim, Black Jim, Dan's Black Jim, Pat's tall John etc. and etc. For some reason, Patrick was always referred to as Pussy Paddy.) Patrick and Catherine had two sons Con and Dan and 4 daughters: Mary Ellen married Thomas McNulty and had nine children- Daniel, Marjorie Huff, C. J. Sylvester, Stella Amell, Gertrude Freemark, Maurice, Tommy and Bernard. Their next daughter Margaret married Lornie McHugh and had one son Kevin. Another daughter Katie Maloney kept house for several priests, especially Monsignor Jones, and died in the 1980's at Renfrew, a truly wonderful person. Patrick Maloney and Catherine Haley's youngest daughter Annie Tessie married Michael Enright and they had 5 children Teresa Cadotte, Kenneth (Margaret Downie), Ray, Eileen and Shirley.

Patrick Maloney and Catherine Mary O'Brien had another son Thomas, born February 1, 1865 but he died very young.

And so this brings us to the end of the Maloney families. Much more could be written as there is one family - that of Michael and Mary Dunedin - I have not detailed. Census records reveal there was another family of Maloneys, James Maloney and Bridget Lynch, with similarly named children and about equivalent in age to Michael, John and Patrick and it is tempting to speculate that there was a connection

taken from Irene Dooling's notes

My father was John James Foran (known in life as J.J.) Son of John Edward Foran and Mary Ann Maloney (daughter of Paddy and Catherine). Dad was born and later farmed in Sebastopol (above Cormac, Ontario) and moved to Eganville, ON in 1938 with a family of six. I was born later. My mother was Lila Mary Lynch of Mount St. Patrick. .. her mother was a Kennelly of the mountain named for that family.

My father left some notes and my brother Lawrence (in Valley style he was called "Lomie" to his dying day in 2005) - wrote a family history. For the most part their notes corroborate with the notes given me by Maureen (Maloney) Ward ... just confusion over dates.

I visited Ennis, County Clare with my father in 1961. He talked with a priest there who advised him that church records had been burned. My father said then that he was convinced that his grandparents (Paddy and Catherine Mary O'Brien) had been married in that church, in 1837, I believe. He also told me that the 0 'Brien family opposed the wedding because they were "well-off."

That would gibe with what I learned from the first part of Maureen's notes - about the importance of the O'Brien family in County Clare.

Lomie's notes: In 1847 Paddy and Catherine settled in Rossie (across from Gananoque in New York State). Paddy took the oath of allegiance for American citizenship in 1855, but they lost their Rossie home to fire soon after, and they moved to Canada (Mt. St. Patrick) in 1856 ... where his brothers (John and Michael) had set up farming.

My brother states that Paddy always signed his document and land deals as MOLONY. There is confusion about his bilih-date on records and tombstone. Lomie writes: "He was sufficiently educated to become his municipality assessor and tax collector, and had very good handwriting."¬so these discrepancies are hard to understand. My grandmother Mary Ann was born in the U.S.

The same names are used in all the different branches of these three brothers' families, and it gets confusing. Little wonder they resolied to names like "Muddy Mick", "Black Jim", and "Dan's Black Jim", and "Pat's tall John." Great-grandfather Paddy was referred to as "Pussy Paddy" for some unknown reason.

Mary Ann Maloney was older than my grandfather (John Edward Foran), whom she married at Mount St. Patrick in 1892. Dad was born in 1894. There is not a single picture of Mary Ann Maloney Foran in existence. Does anyone out there have a picture of her? My first memory is of standing at her coffin in our house on Alice Street in Eganville. I would have been very young, but I stand by that as my first memory. She lived with my family and was bed-ridden for some years. Also smoked a clay pipe.

Three great-grand sons of the Maloney immigrant-brothers became judges: my brother Lawrence Foran (grandson of Mary Ann) William Maloney (grandson of James - Paddy's son), and Willis O'Leary (great-grand son of John and Deborah). His mother Helen O'Leary came to Eganville a few times to visit my dad. My brother met both of these judge-cousins several times and included pictures of them in his book. Justice William died some time after my brother, who died in 2005.

As happened with many Irish families of the day, some of Paddy' s children went to the U.S. In many cases, - not just our ancestors- family members disappeared and kept no contact with their family back in Canada. I asked my father about this once and he said that times were tough and some of them wanted to get far away from the life they had known here and the struggles they saw their parents endure.

It appears that there were two sets of twins among Paddy's children. Their daughter Margaret married a Dwyer in Michigan and Dad kept in touch and visited his Dwyer cousins in Michigan.

Paddy's son John married Elizabeth Drohan, and Elizabeth's sister Ellen married John T. Maloney ¬a son of John and Deborah. That would be two sisters each married to a John Maloney!!!

Paddy and Catherine Mary both died in 1896; Catherine on December 5th and Paddy on December 11 th and are buried in the "old" cemetery beside the church in Mount St. Patrick. I remember in 2003 being at a celebration there and my brother wanted to take me to their grave, but it had been raining overnight and I didn't want to ruin my shoes ...

I remember trom my growing-up years that Father Gravelle was renowned for his work on family trees and genealogy. However, I never heard my father say that he was related to the Eganville Maloney family. Dr. Martin Maloney practiced medicine there and became a Member of Parliament. He and his wife affectionately called "Mug" - were my god-parents. Father Henry was curate in Eganville when I was in high-school. The last of the 10 children of Dr. Martin and "Mug" died this year at 100 years of age.

Irene Dooling