Sunday, August 19, 2018

Sunday, August 19, 2018 - Beginning with Mass -

-Beginning with Mass

Twentieth Sunday in Ordinary Time

Mass today was concelebrated by our two priests Fr. John Likozar C.C. and Fr. Rob Arsenault C.C.

Fr. Rob gave the homily. And as usual the homily was really good. All our priests give wonderful homilies. We are truly blessed.

 Father began with the conversion story of CS Lewis. I didn't know this but Lewis was friends with J.R. Tolkein.  

Lewis had a radio program during the second world war and was more or less a Chaplain for the War effort . 

 He wasn't always a man of faith however. He was born in Northern Ireland, sent to a boarding school and attended university and during the First World War he had no faith at all but he ached for something more. The next 15 years I guess could be called his spiritual journey. He felt there had to be something more to life but he couldn't turn the corner on Christianity: there was always some doubt.

During that time he used to go to a local pub with his friend JRTolkien and a couple of others fellows.  Here they had discussions on the mysteries of Christianity: creation, redemption the eucharist  etc. They didn’t ask  "Is it true ?"  "Is it real?" They asked themselves: what does it mean, to be created? To have redemption? What does it mean to have a place in eternity? What does it mean to be known and loved by God? 

It was in this environment, with a small group of men with hopes and dreams similar to himself that led CS Lewis to the Truth of Christianity. 

 Fr. Rob spoke of the power of the Eucharist which is the Body and Blood Soul and Divinity of Our Lord Jesus Christ which is food for our journey. With the Eucharist we can transcend this present age: our circumstances. When we partake of the Body and Blood of Christ we become more like Christ. We can become that better person. Our wounds can be healed. And we can share this goodness with others.

Father  said that if one the greatest minds of the last century needed a friend to help know these truths then what about you and me? So he suggested the Faith Formation Sessions in our Parish which will be available again this Fall. It takes a bit of effort but what we receive is like a gold mine which never ends; there is always more. God is not done with us yet. He loves us too much . 



 Part 2

After lunch I dropped over to Debbie's  for a short visit  on my way for a little gathering at Pat's with Johanna and Maude and their little girls, Agnes and Juliet
Here's Chewie . 
Dino got relegated to the basement because he is too friendly and would have jumped on me.
 Sorry Dino 
I'm not allowed to take Debbie's photo so...….
I think she just means I can't photograph her face

 Matthew is ok with having his photo taken .
Notice the tatoo. He's got more on his legs

Part 3- "Maloneys in the Wild"  
aka "the loud Maloneys"
Pat told granddaughter Agnes who was coming over and
Agnes answered "They are really loud"  

 Paula  and Sebastian and the umbrella are colour coordinated 

I was leaving and forgot my slippers 
I put them down when I rummaged through my purse looking for my phone which was in the living room. So after Pat fetched my phone I left without my slippers 

Thank you Lord for another day!

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