Wednesday, August 15, 2018

August 15, 2018, beginning with Mass

Photo below by Maryke Vos


What a beautiful day !!!

Mass was beautiful this morning. It always is of course but  how beautiful to be able to attend mass, concelebrated by our three priests, Father Rob Arsenault, Father John Likozar, and Father Dennis Hayes on this glorious Feast of the Assumption of the Blessed Virgin Mary. 

Father Rob was the main Celebrant and he gave a wonderful homily. Mary's roll in the birth of the Church and in History can't be overstated he said. The Feast of the Assumption is one of the greatest Feasts of the Church. 

Father Rob also spoke of Mary's love for each one of us that she is praying for each of us and He spoke of how the Grace and Blessings we receive during the Mass will go with us so that we will be a source of Grace to those we meet during the day.

After Mass Pat drove me to Laurier Manor where I spent a short time visiting with a few of the Residents. They really appreciate these visits and I recommend to anyone who has some extra time during the week to consider visiting someone in a long term care facility. There is an enormous need for this and it is very rewarding.  

After leaving Laurier Manor I took a bus to Blessed Sacrament Church in the Glebe to attend DnA Live from the Kiosk 

Fr. Tim Nelligan said an opening prayer. Guest speakers were Father Dan Dubroy and Cynthia Bredfeldt. Father Nelligan spoke again before the final prayer and Consecration to Mary .

Entire Presentation 

Fr Dan Dubroy and Dennis Girard 

Cynthia Bredfeldt and Angelina Girard

Father Tim Nelligan and Dennis 

  Relic of Brother Andre 

Cynthia and daughter 

Cynthia's beautiful rosaries 

After the Kiosk 
Home for a barbecue and chocolate sundaes! Yummy!

My newly embroidered hat  by my sister Pat 
Thank's Pat!

God is good all the time and Jesus, I DO trust in You!!!

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