Saturday, July 14, 2018

Catholics Need to Educate Catholics

I know Practicing Catholics who believe that there is a Constitutional Right to have an abortion in Canada .
What else are they unaware of?

Since most Catholic Parishes have a website what better way to educate one another in Pro Life and Pro Family Issues then by this means.

Below is a list of Sites that I am going to send to the Leadership Team of my Parish which hopefully they will add to our Parish website with a link from the Home Page for easy accessibility.  I am hoping that our priests will periodically encourage parishioners to have a look at this PRO LIfe  Page to check out the different excellent websites and articles.

Many Catholic Parishes it seems have very little information in this regard and I think it is time for all of us to step up to the plate and be more pro active in educating one another before it is too late:

The way Catholics and all People of Faith  have been discriminated against in Canada over the past few years is atrocious. We have been stripped of our rights right under our noses and I believe it is only going to get worse .

Emerging Assault of Freedom of Conscience
Euthanasia Prevention Coalition

Protecting People from Euthanasia and Assisted Suicide

Very Important 
Below are links for  Women in Distress / You are not alone

Action Life
Abortion Pill Reversal
If you've taken the abortion pill it may not be too late
Call 877-558-0333
Birthright Ottawa - Pregnant and Distressed? We are here to help you 
Saint Mary's Home
Miriam Centre -
Miriam Centre - Miriam Centre  Pregnant? Need Help? Pregnancy loss?  Help with your baby?
Rachel's Vineyard Ottawa - Healing the pain of abortion - one weekend at a time.

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