Friday, May 4, 2018

Jennifer's Pilgrimage to Poland 2018

A few of Jennifer Snell`s  photos
from the Pilgrimage
Jennifer's First Day in Poland 2018

This is the main altar in the church, in Warsaw, where St. Faustina heard 'the voice' telling her to enter Religious Life at The Convent of the Sisters of Mercy. The convent is where we stayed overnight. The church and the Convent are next door to each other.
It's forecast to be 85 F today and we had a good thunderstorm during the night.
Today, we will have a tour of Warsaw and then we are going to the Shrine of St. Maximilian Kolbe where we are staying overnight.."

God bless,

 At the Shrine of Saint Maximilium Kolbe
In the Museum

May 3-4, 2018 -
Sanctuary of Our Lady of Sorrows

Our Lady of Sorrows

Crosses left by visitors here at Our Lady of Sorrows


" In Lichen at this beautiful Sanctuary where Mary appeared to the Shepherd and left her footprints in the Stone. 
I took this picture from my room on the 4th floor. I am next door to Mother Mary Bernadette.
We had First Friday Holy Mass in a chapel in the underground of the Sanctuary.
Lichen is a farming community and the people are poor in material possessions but they found the resources to build this Sanctuary.
We will spend two nights here. The bus on the street below is ours and the gentleman standing at the door is Stan Beilec. I was able to open the window in my room and call down to say - thank you for giving me such a view
Stan tells us that many miraculous healings and favours have been granted at this site."

God bless,


 May 4th - Candle light procession Around the perimeter of the Sanctuary - Hymn Ave Maria

There was likely Approximately 1,000 people.



Behind the main altar in the Sanctuary of Our Lady of Sorrows-Made out of donated rosaries
There are at least 50 such boxes. 


May 5th-Sanctuary of Our Lady of Sorrows.
Crucifix with the bullet holes
This crucifix has bullet holes from a Nazi who was showing Polish soldiers that God didn't exist.
Three Spiritual Leaders
Father Kennedy, Mother Mary Bernadette and Sister Rose Clare

At the Shrine of Our Lady of Sorrows

May 6, - Convent in Plock
with the Sisters of Mercy


Sometimes one has a beautiful view like the one at the Sanctuary of Our Lady of Sorrows and then there are times when one has a very different view.

We are staying at a convent in  Plock overnight with the Sisters of Mercy.

The construction that I can almost reach out to touch is a shrine being built on the site where Jesus appeared to St. Faustina. At the time the convent had no electricity and the light given off of Jesus was so bright the other Sisters were thinking that a helicopter landed in their front yard pointing its lights on the convent.

I will take another picture of the construction and send it to you.

It's a gorgeous day, again. We have not had any cold or rain as when here in 2014.

God bless,



I'm glad today is Sunday when there is no work taking place.


Church where Saint Faustina was baptized 

Near  Baptismal Fount where St. Faustina was Baptized  behind (Sister Rose Clare)
St Faustina received her First Confession, Confirmation and
First Holy Communion here as well.

We had Holy Mass here.

God bless, Jennifer

Home of Saint Faustina
We met St. Faustina's nephew here.
He lives next door
and maintains the property.
You can see the weather is excellent.
Having fun in the sun


Father Kennedy Preparing for Holy Mass
Sacred music can be heard
from the Mass in the main Chapel.


 May 8th -
Jazna Gora
The parents Of Pope John Paul II at Jazna Gora

May 8.
First Communion Children

 Right below the Icon of Our Lady of Czestochowa when she was unveiled. There were trumpets playing softly in the beginning and then the volume and intensity gradually increased.
Five Priests were on the altar for the unveiling.
The children make a one week Pilgrimage in their gowns/appropriate for boys to church for one week following their First Holy Communion.

Five Priests present for the uncovering that took about five minutes. The Icon is covered at certain times of the day and then uncovered. Each event is done in a very ceremonial manner. We were blessed to be able to witness the unveiling. We were on a tour with a Priest so he brought us front and center. I was the closest person of all.

May 11, 2018

The red brick building is where the Sisters of Mercy live and the beige building is where we are staying.
This picture was taken from the tower of the Divine Mercy which is 76 meters above ground or 310 meters above sea level.
The Pilgrimage is wonderful.

God bless,


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