Sunday, June 25, 2017

Making a Stand for God With Mary's Help

Deacon Will Read gave an awesome homily today.  When it is uploaded to our parish website I will provide the link to it. In the meantime here is the conclusion of his homily.
 "There is no question that making a stand for God can be difficult; Jeremiah demonstrated this. But we are not alone, and if we allow ourselves to be the very best of family, we can share our journeys, we can help each other, and we can grow together. We can also celebrate together. Next Saturday is Canada’s 150th anniversary and a time to celebrate. There will be a Mass at Notre Dame Cathedral at 10:00 am to renew the consecration of the Archdiocese to the Immaculate Heart of Mary. Similar celebrations will be held in dioceses throughout the rest of Canada as the country is also consecrated to Mary.

In our stand for God, the Blessed Mother shines forth as the perfect example and model of what it means to live by faith, to welcome grace, and to cooperate with the Lord in the fulfilment of his plan of salvation. In trusting ourselves to our Mother’s care and protection, we benefit from her intercession, joining our efforts with her powerful prayers and her closeness to Jesus. What a wonderful way to celebrate who we are meant to be by standing with our Holy Mother as a family and as a nation."

Reference Consecrating Canada to the Blessed Virgin Mary 
 from CCCB, pg. 3 - par 2 and pg. 4 - par 2 

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