Wednesday, November 16, 2016

Run With Life: Discrimination and hypocrisy

Run With Life: Discrimination and hypocrisy: Justin Trudeau has named an Edmonton MP as his special adviser on LGBTQ2 issues : "Randy Boissonnault will work with advocacy groups to promote equality for lesbians, gays, bisexual, transgender, queer and two-spirited people — a term used broadly to describe indigenous people who identify as LGBTQ."Boissonnault said:
“We all have a duty to act against discrimination and address injustices of the past.”
Isn't this rather hypocritical of Mr. Trudeau? He himself has discriminated against pro-life people becoming members of the Liberal Party. And when MPs even attempt to discuss abortion in any way on Parliament Hill whether by a motion, or private member's bill, Liberal MPs are whipped into voting against the bill or motion.

In fact pro-life people face discrimination every day. On University campuses, pro-life clubs are ridiculed, and shouted down while security people watch and do nothing. They have their club status revoked all the time. Our media, especially our publicly funded CBC, are pretty much all anti-pro-life.

In fact how many of us are even afraid to bring up the subject of abortion with friends, or at work? We risk being shunned and ridiculed so it's just safer to say nothing. Being against abortion is never brought up in polite conversation.

And who is discriminated against the most? Well the unborn child is. No rights for her at all.

Discrimination is a nasty thing Mr. Trudeau. In all of its ugly forms.

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