Thursday, June 2, 2016

Rally opposing euthanasia & assisted suicide - Ottawa, Canada, June 1, 2016

The Rally which took place
on Parliament Hill, June 1, 2016
from noon to 1:30 
Ottawa, Canada 

was organized by
the Euthanasia Prevention Coalition,
Living with Dignity Network,
and the Physicians’ Alliance Against Euthanasia.

I videotaped the speeches
and took photos of some of the participants


Aubert Martin Director, Vivre dans la Dignité -

Dr. Catherine Ferrier -
Physicians Alliance Against Euthanasia

Amy Hasbrouck, Director, Toujours Vivant

Betty Unger, Norman Doyle and Tobias Enverrga

 Paul Saba,  the Coalition of Physicians for Social Justice, 
and MP Harold Albrecht, Cyprus Hills–Grasslands

MP Bev Shipley, Lambton, Kent, Middlesex,
MP Garnet Genuis, Sherwood Park–Fort Saskatchewan,
MP Arnold Viersen, Peace River–Westlock,
and Barbara Dowding 
National President , Catholic Women`s League
Bishop Noel Simard Valleyfield

MP Brad Trost, Saskatoon,
Peter Vogul Deputy Leader of the Christian Heritage Party,
Nancy Elliott Chair person EPC USA
Video Footage of some of the participants


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