Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Father Yves Marchildon C.C. Homily on Trinity Sunday, 2013

Father spoke of  The Spirit of Truth and relativism 

There is  no true peace without truth . There cannot  be true peace if everyone is his own criterion, if everyone can always claim exclusively his own rights. without at the same time caring for the good of others .of everyone on the basis of the nature that  unites every human being on this earth.

And when we are dealing with individuals in charity and in kindness and respect for the other person we should still propose that these morals are true for them even if they don't want to accept them. It is true for them and it is true for the good of humanity . Most of us don't realize just how badly our culture is affected by relativism the spiritual poverty .

To repeat those word from Pope Francis
" In an age sceptical of truth, we believe not only that truth exists but that it is found through faith in Jesus Christ the Incarnate Son of God. The Holy Spirit brings us to Jesus. he guides the whole church into the fullness of truth"

Sunday, May 12, 2013

National March for Life in Ottawa - May 9, 2013



from Cardinal Collins homily
" We need to think clearly . We reflect upon how we best can be faithful in proclaiming the Gospel of Life. It's not enough simply to proclaim the Gospel of Life. . That's necessary but it's not sufficient. We need to do it faithfully and effectively: look to ways we can creatively help those people who cannot see the value of human life from conception 'til natural death. How can we help people see the truth? 
We have to look at ways for example that we can find: In the bills of parliament, that we can limit abortion....more that's good....and then more that's better.....then even more, that's better.....We may not be able to do it all at once now, but it is far better to limit it, limit it, limit it, persistently, rather than say unless we can do it totally now, like that, we won't do it at all: we'll wait 'til we can do it perfectly .
God expects of us that we will think it through, not for our sake but for the sake of the people we serve."
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