Saturday, October 20, 2012

EWTN Live - 2012-10-17 - Douglas Bushman, STL - What is the Year of Faith?

from EWTN

with Father Mitch Pacwa S.J

and special guest Mr. Douglas Bushman

1...Knowing Our Faith Better,


3....Witness of Joy

The starting point for our faith about the Church is the Creed. We believe in One, Holy, Catholic and apostolic Church and so any Theology of the Church has to begin there and this is what Pope Benedict is calling us to rediscover. When you read all he has written about the year of faith he uses many verbs with re to rediscover the profound sources of our faith especially the Creed. That's the first part to understanding our faith better and there is no better source than the Catechism of the Catholic Church. It is perhaps the greatest fruit of the second Vatican Council and the Pontificat of John Paul II. From the one to whom more is given, more will be required. Therefore the more we fully understand our faith the more we are accountable and this leads to conversion. This leads to making all the efforts we can make to live up to our deeper understanding of what God has revealed. Metanoia the Greek word for conversion means changing the way that we think; to think the way God thinks. The third step is when sin is rooted out of our lives and Christ reigns more fully in our hearts, we will think, speak and act more like Jesus and this is very good for the world who is in desperate need of Jesus: for everyone who is looking for the meaning and purpose of their lives, for everyone who has an aspiration to live and authentic meaningful existence Jesus is the answer. Well, how are they going to hear about Him? They are going to hear about him from his Disciples who have already discovered His message that His truth sets us free. So the final stage after knowing our faith better, after our conversion, is the Witness of Joy: the witness of a fully human life in Christ Joy is the state we experience when we are in the possession of the pearl of great price........

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