Thursday, May 10, 2018

March for Life, Ottawa Canada, May 10, 2018

Again this year we had counter protesters. If they want to protest the March so be it, but I don't believe they should be allowed to block our route which they have done for the last three years and the police do nothing about it. There seems to be as many police as those protesting the March.

If you use twitter let Mayor Jim Watson, the Ottawa Police, Charles Bordeleau and your councillor know your thoughts on this

@OttpoliceMedia @ChiefBordeleau @JimWatsonOttawa

And It’s obvious that they don’t have a clue of what it means to be pro life.  Pro life  means loving all persons: the unborn child and his or her mother and father, the elderly, the disabled, persons of all ages, Faiths and Creeds and Colour. It means ensuring the dignity of all human life because life is sacred.
They have a one track mind and it’s sad actually. “My body my choice"  is their main slogan but they have other nonsensical ones too like “this is what democracy looks like” yeah right, and of course the good anti Catholic one that we are all familiar with
“keep your rosaries off my ovaries” They get away with this one because it’s ok in Canada to be anti Catholic.

I wonder if these protesters know that that there is no legal recognition for a "woman’s choice" when she becomes the victim of a violent crime.
And I'll bet they are completely unaware that there is no Constitutional Right to Abortion in Canada
What a sad uninformed group of people and this is largely due to the lies that are fed to them by the majority of our politicians  and  the mainstream media and the Universities.  

I would take a guess that the majority of these protesters will have a change of heart someday especially if they loose a child to abortion or they see firsthand the grief suffered by someone they love who regrets their abortion . I can't lie, they do make me angry but what they need is our prayers

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