Tuesday, August 27, 2019

Queen of the Most Holy Rosary Pilgrimage August 23, 2019 - Day 5

Sunday August 25th, 2019 

Around 7:45 AM after Barb and I packed our clothes and felt organized enough for our trip home, we headed down to the cafeteria for breakfast. It was really good: bacon and eggs, toast, fruit coffee, peanut butter.  As long as there is coffee, toast and peanut butter I'm good to go. I could live on those three items. 

Eileen and me 

 After breakfast we found a nice place to sit outside until the pilgrimage wrap up in the Basilica Hub. I have been on pilgrimages to the Cape Shrine many times before and never was the weather so perfect. I remember one time when I went to the Cape with the Legion of Mary, that it was raining buckets as we were leaving to attend mass Monday morning in the old Shrine. I dug into my archives to see what year this was and I found it. It was in 2007. Wow how time flies 

A little bit of trivia  below from Legion of Mary member, Jennifer Snell. If you happen to be a member of the Legion of Mary you might remember this 

" Monday brought thunderstorms; but this disturbance was no competition for pilgrims who spontaneously recited the rosary while Sister Marilyn and Brother Jean Pierre organized transportation to mass in the old chapel. Our Blessed Lady's presence was palpable as she protected us from harm’s way. The resonance of pilgrims reciting the rosary was one the most memorable sounds I recall, just like a chorus of angels. It is worth mentioning that the last pilgrims arrived at mass just as the consecration was beginning. " Jennifer Snell , August 2007

9:00 AM Pilgrimage wrap up in the Basilica HUB
and draw for the 3 foot statue of Mary 

11:30 Holy Mass in the " OLD Shrine, Celebrated by Bishop Tremblay 

Entrance Procession - Here I am Lord 

Closing Hymn - Immaculate Mary 

After singing the closing hymn we were asked to go up to the front of the Church for a group picture . Since I wasn't able to get a photo of the entire Group I took a couple of pictures as everybody was leaving so these are my  " Group Photos " 
 I don't know how we all were able to fit up on the altar, but we did  :-)

We left the Cape around 1:30PM and arrived in Ottawa around 6:00 Pm I believe but I forgot to check my watch so I'm not exactly sure. After collecting our luggage, Barb and I walked down to Bank Street and found a nice little restaurant called Feleena's which served very good Mexican food.  We shared some really yummy Nachos and either a Margarita or a coffee :-)

Then we both took a city bus home.

We thank everybody who worked so hard
to make this such a wonderful spiritual experience.

Jesus Mary and Saint Joseph, 
Thank you for everything!

Jesus we trust in You! 

Mama Mary we entrust ourselves to you!

Monday, August 26, 2019

Queen of the Most Holy Rosary Pilgrimage August 23, 2019 - Day 4

Saturday, August 24, 2019
9:00 AM Holy Mass in the Old Shrine, 
Celebrated by Father John Vandenakker CC.

-Historic Marian Homily - 
Father Roger Vandenakker 

10:30 AM -  Basilica Basement Hub
Mother Mary Bernadette,  Bishop Pierre Olivier Tremblay 

Dennis introduced  Mother Mary Bernadette with a song 🎸

Mother Mary Bernadette's talk was really awesome
 Thank you Mother!

DNA Live 1:30 PM  Basilica Basement Hub
DNA Live 

Bishop Tremblay, Fr. Dominic Lim and Robert Raisp recorded August 24th at Cape de la Madeleine in the Basilica of the Holy Rosary HUB.

3:00 at the Old Shrine 
Divine Mercy Chaplet,

3:30 Blessed Frederic Museum - Trois Rivieres

Our bus driver drove some of the Pilgrims  to Trois Rivieres to visit the Tomb of Father Frederic. Because I had visited Fr. Frederic's tomb and the museum several times before I decided to stay and listen to the History of the Cape which by the way was so amazing

A little bit of trivia regarding Father Frederic from the Archives of the Legion of Mary 

`Jean Normandin, who was a long time friend of Our Lady of the Cape used to accompany the Legion of Mary Pilgrimages to the church where the body of Blessed Father Frederic is resting. Jean recounted many interesting facts about Blessed Father Frederic and shared how he has been present and involved at significant events related to Father Frederic’s history.

If I remember correctly I believe that Jean told us that Father Frederic and Saint Andre of Montreal were good friends.

And the two holy men were indeed close friends. Check out Fr. Frederic's biography at the link below


3:30 - History of the Cape -  Dennis Girard


followed by 

Visit to the tombs of Father Luc Desilets and Father Paul Vachon

In the Gardens after praying the Divine Mercy Chaplet and visiting the crypt

Photos by my sister Barb 

Me holding up the tree

7:00 PM Father Tim Nelligan -
 Chaplet of Saint Michael the Archangel in the " Old Shrine

7:45 PM Blessing of the Roses in the Old Shrine 
Bishop Tremblay

Alleluia before the Healing Rosary 

8:00 PM  -
Healing Rosary
Father Roger Vandenakker

Veni Sancte Spiritus

Each Pilgrim receives one of the beautiful roses that have just been blessed!

Come Holy Spirit

Jesus Mary and Saint Joseph, 
Thank you for everything!

Sunday, August 25, 2019

Queen of the Most Holy Rosary Pilgrimage August 2019 - Day 3

I was the first person to arrive at Corpus Christi school on Friday morning; not so much because I`m punctual but because I obsess about everything and wanted to make sure I wasn`t late (which I wasn`t ha ha) I Left my house in Beacon Hill early because I had to take two buses: it didn`t take as long as I anticipated. The weather was beautiful and there is a bench in the front of the school so I plunked myself down on it and waited anxiously for somebody else to arrive so I would know I was at the right place. The two Marias arrived shortly after, then Joseph, and then my sister Barb.

Shortly after that, more pilgrims started to arrive and by then Barb and I decided to take at washroom break at the Mac Donald`s Restaurant on Bank Street near Fourth. Avenue. In order to use the washroom we had to purchase something so I bought a bottle of water, which I needed anyways because I forgot my water on the kitchen counter: typical me.

We started boarding the bus around 9:30 and we left the school at 10. Our bus driver Gilles was really awesome. He even sang us a song at one point

Early on in the trip I received the nickname "the tomato lady" because I managed to dump half of the baby tomatoes that I had picked from our garden earlier in the morning, all over the floor of the bus.
I was able to pick up the ones that I could reach but many of them rolled under the seats. Two kind pilgrims got down on their knees and came up with the rest of them. Half of my mid morning snack ended in the garbage. 

We stopped at Saint Joseph's Oratory around noon

I think we spent about an hour and a half  at the Oratory but because the grounds were under construction we had a bit of trouble navigating the area; the layout was quite different than it was the last time we were there. I remember the parking being below the Oratory. This time we parked  close to the tiny Church where Saint Andre lived.  In retrospect Barb and I should have visited the little Church when we first arrived at the Shrine because we didn`t have time to visit it later

The Crypt
As soon as we arrived and after making a washroom stop Barb and I visited Saint Andre`s tomb and we lit a candle and said a few prayers for the intentions of our dear ones and for all those who asked us to pray for them

Saint Andre and good Saint Joseph
Pray for us

After that, we were able to find the beautiful Stations of the Cross
and that is where we had lunch . 

After lunch we made our way back to the bus .
Barb took this picture in the parking lot  before we boarded the bus.

Arrival at Madonna Hotel

We arrived at the  Madonna around 5:00 and received our room keys and meal tickets.
After taking our luggage to our room and  freshening up a little, Barb and I  made our way to the cafeteria for dinner We were very hungry and the food was very good. 

Mass of the Holy Spirit at 8PM  in the "old Shrine", 
celebrated by Bishop Pierre Olivier Tremblay

8:45 PM Candelight Procession
By this time I was starting to feel a little weary so I thought I would just sit on a bench and watch the beautiful Candelight Procession but I changed my mind and joined in. I took a little video

Jesus Mary and Joseph, 
Thank you for everything!