Friday, August 16, 2019

Bailee, Emilee and Eden Summer 2019

Mike and I spent some awesome time 
with Bailee and Emilee and Eden this summer. 
They were as good as gold!

A few photos below

Bailee's Visit
July 2, 2019 -July 6, 2019
Having breakfast before heading out to the Rideau Centre on Tuesday

You look so cute Bailee and that hair cut is adorable 

You look awesome Bailee!

Off to the movies to see Spiderman 
at Scotia Bank Place on Wednesday 

Emilee`s visit
July 15- July 19
Down to the River for a walk on Monday for a grape and water picnic

In Our backyard

Nite nite

 On Tuesday 
All dressed up like a princess 

Em and I took a bus to Saint Laurent Shopping Centre
to meet mommy and Eden for lunch 

Best friends. Look at those lovely smiles!

 Emilee is being a very pretty flower in our flower garden

All dressed to go to the museum
beautiful outfit for a beautiful girl!

 Silly girl

Thanks Emilee for this beautiful one of a kind earring you made for me! 

Grandpa and Grandma and Emilee at Swiss Chalet for supper !

Mass with Grandma and Auntie Pat
Then breakfast at MacDonalds then homeward Bound

Eden Visits Grandpa and Grandma
Monday August 12 - Friday August 15

After picking Eden up we went to Metro to get some things that she likes before coming here . 
She wasn't very hungry so she had frosted flakes and a banana smoothie for lunch.
We were planning on walking down to the river for a tomato and watermelon picnic but the sky looked questionable with black clouds in the distance so we had a picnic in the back yard instead . 
It was still fun 

After breakfast ( banana Smoothie)
we got ready to meet mommy and Emilee at St Laurent Shopping Centre for lunch
Then the four of us went shopping like we did with Em

Best friends forever 


We went to Scotia Bank Place to see the Movie Dora and the Lost City of Gold
It was really enjoyable


Grandpa brought us to Strathcona Park 
Eden is such a cutie pettutie
She really loved the park and her new bird friends . 
She gave them names, Freddie, Freddie the First, Freddie the Second 
Freddie the Third and Freddie the Fourth

Eden interviews Grandpa and Grandma
So cute!

Mass with Patty then we went to Tim Horton's
then we brought Eden Home. Thanks Pat
Eden you are an adorable little angel and as cute as can be