Sunday, September 30, 2018

Life Chain Sept 30, 2018 - Montreal Rd. and St. Laurent Blvd.

There were approximately 47 participants in the Life Chaim today 
at the Saint Laurent Blvd. and Montreal Rd Intersection 
in Ottawa's East End. 
The majority were from the Annunciation of the Lord Parish 
and included our two priests 
Father John Likozar and Father Rob Arsenault, 
Thanks to all who came out
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Saturday, September 29, 2018

Cardinal Vigano letters

TESTIMONY  by  His Excellency Carlo Maria Viganò
Titular Archbishop of Ulpiana  Apostolic Nuncio 

August 22 2018
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September 29th, 2018
Feast of St. Michael, Archangel
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Friday, September 28, 2018

Praying today with parishioners from St. Monica Parish

This afternoon around 2:30  I joined parishioners from St. Monica Parish at Bank and Queen to pray for an end to abortion.  When I arrived two parishioners welcomed me. A few minutes later one kind fellow stopped by and thanked us and asked God to bless us.

There was one negative incident when a young woman passed by and yelled at us and pointed at our signs and said something derogatory although I can't remember exactly what she said:
( something like "that's all crap ")  That was the only negative incident though.  I've heard a lot worse over the years

Shortly before three Gary arrived. We prayed the rosary together.

Four more parishioners from St. Monica came by at 4 o:clock. My gosh what a wonderful group! For some of them it was their first time. Thank you Lord.

Oh and just as I was leaving to go another gentleman dropped by and pointed at the bubble zone sign and said I bet you won't be voting for Jim Watson in the election and I said "You bet your boots I won't "

Abortion: Genocide of the Weakest of the Weak

"What is happening for abortion is a genocide. It is a genocide against the poor of the poorest, the weakest of the weakest, babies who can't defend themselves. And to legalize it, to make it like something okay, it's sad. It's sad. You know, every human being to me is the whole world." - Immaculée Ilibagiza, Rwanda, Genocide Survivor and author of Left to Tell.

Novena Prayer for Reparation and Healing CC

Thursday, September 27, 2018

Today at Bank and Queen

 I arrived at Queen and Bank around 10:30  and prayed silently with Helena from Saint Mary Parish . Shortly after I arrived Mimi from St Patrick Basilica came by. By the time I was about to leave for 12:15 mass at St. Patrick Basilica there were 6 faithful souls praying on this corner. Thank you Lord for your Goodness and your Mercy and for such a peaceful time with you

 Lunch with my sister Barb after Mass at St. Pat's

40 Days for Life Ottawa - Fall 2018 - Kick off Rally

Thank you Stan for the information below

The 40 Days for Life Opening Rally took place on Sunday September 23rd. 7:00 PM North West corner of Bank and Sparks Streets   We were blessed by some wonderful talks, prayers, as well as moving hymns led by Sister Teresa Catherine Marie of the Queenship of Mary.  


The first presentation  click here was by Helena Szakowski  , who does amazing work as English Church and Group Coordinator. Helena gave a concise overview of this year’s Campaign, both from an international as well as local perspective. She also provided powerful reasons for getting involved in these Campaigns, as well as their convincing effect in curtailing abortion (please see 1st  attachment)

Deacon Charles (Chuck) Fink is the Chaplain of our 40 Days for Life Campaign. He gave a very thorough presentation click here on the sanctity of human life in the context of the 50th anniversary of Humanae Vitae. It is incredibly remarkable how prophetic this Encyclical by Pope Paul VI turned out to be in specifying the grave dangers of contraception all of which 
 (2nd  attachment), Deacon Chuck also provided us with PDF’s of the Encyclical itself as well as the Pastoral Message of the Canadian Conference of Catholic Bishops on the 40th Anniversary of Humanae Vitae. These will be found on the 40 Days Website: .

Sister Marie Madeleine of the Queenship of Mary Community gave a very informative talk on the Queenship of Mary Sisters   click here , their remarkable prayer-life, charism and mission.  It is amazing the number of ministries and initiatives these good Sisters support through their prayers and actions, including 40 Days for Life. They are a real blessing to Ottawa. Sister Marie Madeleine then gave her riveting personal testimony of how God’s love and protection guided her through a time of darkness to conversion, and eventually leading her to join the Queenship of Mary Community. In the 3rd attachment you will find an expanded version of her personal testimony which ties in very well with Deacon Chuck’s talk on Humane Vitae.  The talk Sister Marie Madeleine gave at the Opening Rally was an abridged version. The full talk will be given at the Divine Mercy Conference at St. Augustine’s Parish on Saturday October 6th.


As indicated by Helena, based on our current online vigil calendar, Mondays Thursdays and Fridays are generally the most challenging days of the week to get commitment for a Parish Vigil Day.  So if you can, please make an effort to be at the Vigil site on  one of these days. To register, visit:

Yours in Christ,

Stan Siok
Photos and Videos from Paul Lauzon 
Campaign Life Coalition



Saturday, September 22, 2018

Run With Life: Liar liar pants on fire

Run With Life: Liar liar pants on fire: Have you ever been lied to? I mean really really lied to? I have. Probably all of us have. And maybe some of us even do the lying. Last ni...

Thursday, September 20, 2018

The best pro-life speech you'll ever hear

Thank you Niamh!!!

" No Referendum,  no vote in Parliament,  no piece of legislation,  
no unjust law can ever make it right to kill a helpless child "
Niamh Uí Bhriain

Wednesday, September 19, 2018

40 Days for Life in Ottawa Fall 2018

September 26 to November 4, 2018
For these the least of our brothers Mt: 25: 31-46

• Prayer, fasting and peaceful witness at 300+ abortion sites world-wide
• Thousands of babies’ lives saved since the first campaign in 2004
• Moving society from a Culture of Death into a Culture of Life

For information on how you can help, and to sign up for the daily Vigil,
please contact your 40 Days for Life Rep:
Or Wanda Hartlin: 613-299-2515

Key Dates:
Sunday, September 23, 7 pm: Kick-Off Rally, Bank and Queen Sts.
Sunday, October 14, 7 pm: Mid-Point Rally, Bank & Queen Streets
Sunday, November 4, 7 pm: Closing Rally, Bank & Queen Streets

More info at:

Sunday, September 9, 2018

Bishop Barron on Religion and Happiness

Bishop Barron speaks of how like most parts of Europe Scotland is suffering from the invasion of  the secularist mentality. Secularism is a very deep psychological and spiritual problem  Our time in history is anomalous in the whole of human history . This is the first time in recorded  human history that people have turned away from religion.  99% of the human race has been religious for all these centuries

The denial of God does great damage to the human heart .

Friday, September 7, 2018

Bishop Barron’s Advice to Priests in an Age of Scandal

Words of Wisdom from Bishop Barron
The ultimate struggle is a Spiritual One 
This is a serious struggle and Mary wants us in the battle with her. 

Thursday, September 6, 2018

DnA Live from the KIOSK EP34 Keith Doucette of the John Paul II Centre

As usual the presentation was terrific

Keith spoke in depth about the John Paul II Center 
and their Ministry of Promoting the Divine Mercy as a way of Life 
Father Nelligan spoke of Devotion to Our Lady of Sorrows 
which Feast we celebrate on September 15

Thank you Keith and Father Nelligan and to Dennis and Angelina!!!

Monday, September 3, 2018

40 Days for Life - Fall 2018 - Ottawa - St. Clare Project

St. Clare Project – Nine Consecutive Masses
Join us as we pray with the intention of
“closing Ottawa’s main abortion facility
and the conversion of all the staff and workers.”

Saturday September 8
Divine Infant Parish at 9:00 am
6658 Billberry Drive, Orleans,
ON K1C 2S9

Sunday September 9
St. Catherine of Siena Parish at 11:00 am
2714 - 8th Line Road, Metcalfe 
ON K0A 2P0

Monday September 10
St. Mary Parish (Our Lady of Good Counsel) at 9:00 am 
100 Young Street, Ottawa, ON 
K1Y 3P7
St. Philip Parish at 7:00 pm
127 Burke Street, Richmond ON K0A 2Z0

Tuesday September 11 St. Clare Parish at 7:00 pm
4001 Dwyer Hill Road South, Dwyer Hill ON

Wednesday September 12
St. Mary Parish (Our Lady of Good Counsel) at 9:00 am 
100 Young Street, Ottawa, 
ON K1Y 3P7

Thursday September 13
Holy Redeemer Parish at 9:00 am 44 Rothesay Drive, 
Kanata ON K2L 2X1

Friday September 14
St. Theresa of the Child Jesus Parish at 9:00 am 
95 Somerset Street West, 
Ottawa, ON K2P 0H3
Queen of the Most Holy Rosary Parish at 12:15 pm
20 Grant Street, Ottawa ON K1Y 2W9

Saturday September 15
St. Mary Parish (Our Lady of Good Counsel) 
at 5:00 pm 100 Young Street, Ottawa, ON 
K1Y 3P7

Sunday September 16
Good Shepherd Parish at 9:00 am 
3092 Innes Road, Gloucester (Blackburn Hamlet), 
ON K1W 1C8

More information about the St. Clare Project can be seen at