Monday, April 26, 2010

Lia's Pro-Life Speech on Parliament Hill in Ottawa

The Annual March for Life is two weeks away. Last year's event was a huge success with about 12,000 in attendance despite the rainy weather. One of the highlights of last years event was this terrific speech by Lia Mills, a 12 year old Toronto Student.

Thursday, April 15, 2010

Press Release-Chair of pro-life caucus introduces bill to protect women from abortion coercion

Release Date: April 15, 2010
News Release
Chair of pro-life caucus introduces bill to protect women from abortion coercion
(Ottawa) - Chair of the multi-party Parliamentary Pro-Life Caucus, Rod Bruinooge, introduced “Roxanne’s Law” in the House of Commons yesterday. The Private Members Bill would make it a criminal offence to coerce a woman into having an abortion.
“There are many stories of women being threatened and coerced into having abortions against their will,” said Bruinooge, the Member of Parliament for Winnipeg South. “If a woman resists, such coercion may escalate into violence, and even murder. That‟s what happened to Roxanne Fernando, in whose memory I have named this bill.”
Roxanne Fernando was a young woman from Winnipeg who was murdered by Nathanael Plourde (the father of her unborn child) after he failed to convince her to end her pregnancy. In February 2007, Plourde and two friends beat Roxanne brutally and dumped her in a snow bank to die.
“This bill would help protect a pregnant woman who does not want to terminate her pregnancy,” said Bruinooge. “No woman should ever feel intimidated to have an unwanted abortion. Anyone who attempts to force a woman to abort her wanted fetus should face consequences.”
This legislation would not affect abortion access in Canada. Abortion would still be legal throughout a woman‟s entire pregnancy.
The Supreme Court of Canada has recognized, „Pregnancy represents not only the hope of future generations but also the continuation of the species. It is difficult to imagine a human condition that is more important to society.‟ Canadian law, however, provides no specific protection for pregnant women.
“A compassionate society like Canada cannot ignore the dangerous situations many pregnant women find themselves in when they choose to continue a pregnancy,” said Bruinooge.

Private Members' Bill introduced to protect women coerced to have an abortion

Conservative Member of Parliament Rod Bruinooge tabled a bill yesterday called “Roxanne’s Law.” This bill would amend the Criminal Code to make it an offense for someone to coerce or attempt to coerce a female person to have an abortion.The bill is named in memory of Roxanne Fernando a pregnant Winnipeg woman who was murdered by her partner after she refused to have an abortion,

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Mary Talbot wants justice for Olivia - renew bill C-484

Below is Mary Talbot's message of April 9, 2010 she sent to the members of the Olivia's Justice Group on facebook.

Dear Friends, I'm sorry to have taken so long to say how truly grateful I am for all your support leading up to the appeal March 19th. I hope you all got the message that the appeal was dismissed and that the appellant will now have to serve his life sentence. I felt Olivia's presence in the court room and I know that she is comforted with these results.
I am going to ask more from you now. It is the effort to renew the Bill C-484. I still strongly believe that Olivia's beautiful baby boy was also murdered. Though there will not be justice here on earth, we need to see our justice system recognize that Baby Lane's life was also taken and that the killer deserves to deal with the consequences. We have to do this for our future Mom's and their babies. We will be working now towards that end.
I will post more information as it becomes available.
With my heartfelt appreciation to all.
Mary Talbot