Thursday, March 26, 2009

Frances Wilkinson letter to the Ottawa Citizen

Letter-writer Frances Wilkinson draws on her own personal experience and her beliefs to urge women to reconsider their choice of having an abortion.

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March 25th at the Abortion site in Ottawa

Yesterday, March 25 was the Feast of the Annunciation, and I wanted to pray at the abortion site ( 65 Bank Street) before attending Mass at 8:00 AM at Saint Pat's. I arrived there shortly after seven to see at least a dozen others there, most of them youth. It was bitterly cold and so I was glad I didn't pay any attention to the weatherman's forecast of a warm day. The wind blew the new sign down a couple of times so eventually one of the young women stood next to it to keep it in place. The young man standing next to me introduced himself as Dustin and said that he was a CCO member. He told me that the majority of the youth were from the pro life youth group at Ottawa University and every Wednesday morning they come to pray at the site. God bless them! I looked at their faces as they stood side by side shivering and praying silently. They all have such a look of peace and hope. There is no question about it!

Before long more youth dropped by after attending 7:00 AM mass at Saint Patick Basilica. When I left for mass around 8:00 I counted at least 12 young people. I thank God for our youth! They are our hope for the future! As I hurried over to mass, I thought how my parish of the Annunciation has been blessed by the good work of our own young people. At the mid point rally on March 19 all of the members of our parish NET Team braved the bitter cold weather across the street from the coldest part of the city.

After Mass I stayed and prayed for a while and then went back to the site to pray. The crowd had dwindled but there were still a couple of others including the man who walks up and down the sidewalk praying the rosary in front of the abortuary. Usually he is with another man but yesterday he was alone. There was a man in a wheelchair who went up and down the sidewalk bearing witness as well, alternating between sides of the street. After I was there for a while, Liz from Saint Clement and Sue from my parish dropped by to pray so the three of us said the rosary together. I left around 10:20 with a feeling of hope and gratitude.