Saturday, November 29, 2008

40 Days Continues

At least 750 attended the closing Rally, and joined in the candelight procession to Saint Patrick Basilica for mass at 7:00 with Archbishop Prendergast. Thank you, your Grace for your support and encouragement throughout the campaign.

Its not over though and perhaps never will be. In fact, until eyes are opened and ears begin to hear and hearts begin to soften, the vigil will continue.

Melanie and I prayed for an hour at the abortion site Friday from 11:00 Am til noon. I arrived at approximately 10:40 and saw Doris praying near the door of 65 Bank so I joined her for a while. Around 11:00 I crossed the street to wait for Melanie who arrived a few minutes later .

We prayed the rosary and while doing so a young couple left 65 Bank st. The woman was very sick and vomited a number of times in the snow bank. She looked so weak and fragile, but the young man with her seemed in a hurry to get going so they continued down the street and past MacDonalds Restaurant. The woman continued to vomit. As I prayed I thought " They kill the baby and send the woman away sick to recuperate alone. I told Jennifer about this occurrence and this is what she said " I feel so angry, more so as a nurse, when I learn that 'patients' are sent out onto the street to recover. There is NO care at these places. It's such a paradox that they respect women and their bodies."

Doris left around 11:45 and Melanie and I left around noon. I had an appointment in the west end of the city for 2:00 PM so I decided to have lunch at 240 Sparks Street. After lunch I returned to the site and saw Frances holding her sign and praying alone. I stayed and prayed with her for a short time but had to leave for my appointment. I regretted that I was unable to stay longer.

It fills my soul with such hope and joy to see the courage and dedication of these faithful witnesses who return to pray several times a week. For me it was my first time back to the site since 40 Days officially ended three weeks ago but I pledge to return every week from now on for at least one hour. That's the least I can do.