Monday, July 24, 2017

Emilee's Visit July 2017

Videos from the weekend

Emilee singing I'm Coming Home ( Friday)

Emilee and grandma chatting at the mall ( Friday)

Emilee singing I don't know my Name ( Friday)

Emilee singing Oceans with Auntie Barb ( Sunday)
Emilee watching the DVD of the Germany trip
with auntie Barb and grandma ( Monday)

I picked up our granddaughter Emilee around 10 and after getting a few things at the grocery store we had lunch with grandpa.  Then Em and I took a bus to Saint Laurent Shopping Centre and went shopping and ate ice cream . Also we sang songs at the bus stop ha ha. Was it fun or what !


Around 1:00 pm  Grandpa drove us to auntie Barb's then we picked up KFC and we all went on a picnic
After the picnic we went back to Barb's.  Grandpa went home and Em and grandma  hung out with Vickie and Barb, ate treats, went for walks with Vickie did a puzzle and watched NETFLIX. 
lots of fun

Mass at 11:00 at Saint Monica's: then we went home and auntie Barb made us an awesome brunch . Went for walk with Vicki . Around 6, auntie Paula and her doggie Coco joined us for a barbecue . Had lots of treats and watched NETFLIX again before going to sleep for the night  So much fun! 





Well we had an awesome time at auntie Barb's but it is time to go back to grandpa and grandma's, right Emilee.  
When we woke up Barb made us a yummy breakfast and then we watched part of the DVD of the time that grandma and grandpa visited auntie Barb in Germany.
Then we went with Vickie for a walk and around 1:30 grandpa came by to take us home after we had lunch, which was leftover hamburgers and hot dogs and Paula's bean salad from Sunday night's barbecue.  It was all just as yummy as it was on Sunday.  
Monday evening Em and grandma took a little picnic down to the Ottawa River and watched boats go by.  Still having fun


After breakfast I drove our little  Emilee home
Thanks for the wonderful visit sweetheart. xoxo

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