Thursday, December 16, 2010

Thank you Rod Bruinooge.

Thank you Rod Bruinooge for introducing Roxanne's Law and for all the work that it entailed.  Thank you to all those who worked with you on this and all who helped promote it especially the  Evangelical Fellowship of Canada,   Priests for Life Canada ,  4 MY CANADAArpa Canada  I know there are other groups and individuals as well but the above are the groups and people who come to my mind that I know worked very hard during the past months promoting bill C-510. And thank you to all our MP's who voted in favour of Roxanne's law.

The  Evangelical Fellowship of Canada  launched a stellar campaign over the past few weeks promoting Bill C-510 with their Video Campaign. ARPA Canada and 4MYCanada were extremely active in promoting  Roxanne's Law as well. 4MYCanada sent out e-mails with access to all the e-mail addresses of our MP's and set up their website so that one could easily contact one or all MP's in an instant. I used their system and have to say I was extremely impressed. And of Course Priests for Life Canada  promoted Roxanne's law for months and Father Tom Lynch  gave a strong Endorsement in an Interview with Rod Bruinooge on december 7th. . See Priests for Life's endorsement on my blog Strong Endorsement of Roxanne's Law from Catholic Church Leaders . Thank you too Archbishop Collins  for your support.

Disappointing to me was that LifesiteNews failed to report on  Priests for Life Canada's interview with Rod Bruinooge on December 7th . I contacted LifesiteNews last week and am still waiting for an explanation. I'm just saying it seems strange.

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