Saturday, December 11, 2010

Pro Life Mass December 11, 2010, Our Lady of Mount Carmel Parish

Fourth in a series of Pro Life Masses
( the Pilgrimage of Masses)
to pray for the opening of a Pro Life Medical Centre in Ottawa Ontario Canada. The proposed Centre would be staffed with pro life medical professionals. The main celebrant was His Grace Archbishop Terrence Prendergast

The Mount Carmel Choir directed by organist Irene Dooling led the music. And it was fabulous!

There was a beautiful reception following the mass which was held in the Parish Hall and was hosted by the Sisters of the Queenship of Mary.

During the reception Jennifer and Anastasia gave a wonderful presentation of the Adoption in Canada Campaign. For More Information on the adoption campaign please go to this link

As well, approximately another 30 people signed the Roxanne's Law Petition which was made available.
There has been a strong endorsement of Roxanne's law, from Catholic Church leaders
Fr. Tom Lynch and Fr. John Lemire of Priests for Life Canada (PFLC), conducted a one-hour interview with Rod Bruinooge about Roxanne's Law, which aired on Tuesday, Dec. 7. PFLC gave a ringing endorsement of Roxanne's Law (Bill C-510) and referenced Toronto Archbishop Thomas Collins' strong support for the bill. They urged all Catholics to support this bill. Priests for Life Canada is calling upon all Catholics to encourage MPs to vote in favour of the bill on Dec. 15. Roxanne's Law is the first bill related to abortion that has come to a vote in our Canadian Parliament in two decades and is probably the biggest pro Life News Story of the Year.

For more on the Pilgrimage of Masses go to this link on my website

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