Friday, July 17, 2009

Selected reflections on Caritas in Veritate

And from Stan Siok I received this

Selected reflections on Caritas in Veritate

On July 7th, Pope Benedict XVI released Caritas in Veritate, a sweeping encyclical that seeks to make the Catholic Church’s social stance abundantly clear on everything from sound economic practice to population control. Below are a few selected reflections of this enormously rich document:
· Catholic World Report asked a group of leading Catholic intellectuals to reflect on the encyclical, its place in the larger body of Catholic social teaching, and Pope Benedict's vision of a well-ordered and just society.
J. Brian Benestad, Francis J. Beckwith, Father Joseph Fessio, S.J., Richard Garnett, Thomas S. Hibbs, Paul Kengor, George Neumayr, Joseph Pearce, Tracey Rowland, Father James V. Schall, and Rev. Robert A. Sirico share their thoughts on Caritas in Veritate, below. Visit:
· The Encyclical’s evident pro-life stand is clarified by Fr. Frank Pavone. Click on:

· From a Canadian perspective, Michael O’Brien, our reputed writer and thinker offers his summary, and easily refutes D &P’s selective and myopic interpenetration of this comprehensive document. Visit:


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