Saturday, July 18, 2009

Rain and crows

It wasn't the rain that woke me up but the crows talking to each other ouside our bedroom window. Did you know that crows swoop down to where you are if you happen to be in their territory? Actually I never had that experience but Mike told me that on at least two occasions this happened to him. I suppose the bird is watching from above and perceives that you are too close to his nest of little ones so his warning is a swoosh down to where you are and back up again lightly brushing your clothes as he leaves. Anyways there were two crow ouside our bedroom window talking for about 20 minutes. One was very close by but the other was probably perched on a tree somewhere on another street. One would squawk then the other would do the same. Sometimes one squawk, somethimes more. And they always responded to the other. And the funny thing is when the birds woke Mike up and we started to discuss this strange crow language ouside our bedroom window then strangely enough it seemed to stop. Actually our crow moved somewhere else because we could faintly hear this eerie crow conversation far off in the distance. Maybe they thought we were eavesdropping.

Anyways it was time to get up and retreive the newspaper from the back steps. Good thing we have a carport, the rain was coming down in buckets. I like the sound of the rain. There is something peaceful about rain falling. When Debbie, Chris and John were little I use to dress them up in their rain coats and go for walks in the rain. They loved the puddles. Mind you it has been a rather soggy summer and I suppose for avid outdoor enthusiasts the amount of rain we have had might put a damper on things. But look at the bright side. No need to water the lawn. The flowers look great! Weeds too!

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