Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Soccer in Orleans and Lacrosse in Navan

How does our daughter Debbie do it? Last night Daniel had a soccer game in Convent Glen at 6:30 and Matthew had a Lacrosse game at 7:30 at the Navan Arena

I decided to accompany them. Two boys, two games, both on the same night and not that closely situated to one another. Debbie brought us all to Orleans to watch part of Daniel's game before departing to Navan. However, shortly after arriving she gets a phone call from leo saying that he is looking through the window of their house and sees Matthews bag with his equipment on the lawn in front of their house. Oops! By then Sean had arrived to watch Daniel's game. The plan being that he would stay with Daniel and take him home of course.

So back we went to retrieve the bag and head off to Navan . We stopped at Tim Horton's on the way for drinks and arrived at the Arena around 7:25. AnywaysI enjoyed the game. First Lacrosse game I had ever seen. What a work out though! Matthew seemed absolutely pooped after wards. Good stuff Matthew. You too Daniel!

So this goes on every week, twice a week because there are practices once a week as well. I must say that it's much easier being a grandmother.

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