Saturday, June 20, 2009

Letter to Dr. Dawkins from my sister

Dear Dr. Dawkins, I wanted to thank you for your book the "God Delusion". If you had not written this book, I most probably would have not had the following experience. First of all, I haven't actually read your book, but recently my daughter and I were having a discussion about faith and why I believed in God. She recently graduated with a biology degree and we had quite the conversation about my faith, about you, and what you believe, based on what she knows about your book. Just after this discussion, one of my sisters told me about a lecture she had attended, given by Dr. Lau from Ottawa here where I live. I listened to Dr. Lau's talks and have been going through his slides with a fine tooth comb. I must tell you that Dr. Lau's talk has not only confirmed for me why I believe in God, but they also have made me literally excited about my Catholic faith. Dr. Lau's talks are based on your book, physics, biology, logic, scientists and many philosophers including St. Thomas Aquinas, one of the greatest philosophers mankind has ever known. Without your book, Dr. Lau would not have ever given this series of lectures (as there would have been no need to ), and I would never have benefited from them. I am quite sincere when I say thank you for writing this book. I am sure I am not the only Christian who has benefited from it, albeit as a result of unintended consequences. In fact it begs the question, have non-believers also been converted to Christianity because of your book?

Patricia Maloney,
Ottawa, ON

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