Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Oh what a beautiful day and all that jazz!

I just got home from a really enjoyable outing with our son and his wife and their two little tykes. John and Chantel thought they would try their hand in growing some tomatoes this spring so we drove to Laport Gardens in Cumberland to get some plants. It was so quiet compared to what it usually is like there at this time of year. I guess waiting til the middle of the week rather than going on the Sunday afternoon of the long weekend was a good plan. After picking up a few assorted plants we took a drive up Trim road to investigate a really neat playground that our daughter Debbie took her kids to a few times last year. I happened to tag along on one occasion and was quite impressed by this playground and picnic area which is located at the intersection of Trim and Millennium Drive. We didn't stay because it had been raining but it is certainly worth a trip back.

Afterwards, we drove to Place D'Orleans for lunch and then I took Baillee our three year old grand daughter to the playground beside the food court while John Chantel and Emilee ( 10 months) went shopping. Bailee enjoyed herself sooooooo much and so did I. Watching her play is such a delightful experience. At one point a little boy, perhaps a few months younger than she, lost his shoe on the slide. Baillee immediately retrieved it and returned it to his foot. A little while later I saw her hug a little kid who was crying and take the hand of another one who needed help manoeuvering one of the climbers. What a delightful little girl.

When her parents and little sister returned it was time to leave. Now that part was not exactly to Bailee's liking; however Chantel did manage to convince her it was time to go, without too many tears being shed.

We left the shopping Center to the beautiful sunshine outside. Ahh, what a great day and all that jazz!

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