Saturday, January 10, 2009

Lent 2009 40 Days for Life Campaign

Saturday, January 10, 2009

Largest-Ever Pro-Life Mobilization Hits Toronto and Other Canadian Cities this Lent - Prayer, Fasting and 24-Hour Vigils Outside Abortuaries
TORONTO, January 9, 2009 ( - This Lent, from Ash Wednesday, February 25 to April 5, 2009, a number of Canadian cities, including Winnipeg, Toronto, Ottawa and Montreal, will participate with more than 170 cities across North America, joining together for the largest and longest coordinated pro-life mobilization in history - the 40 Days for Life campaign.40 Days for Life is a focused pro-life campaign that has generated measurable lifesaving results in the more than 200 cities where it has been implemented. It has lead to a significant drop in abortions in almost all locations, and, in some places, such as the State of North Dakota, to the temporary closing of all abortion clinics.Jim Hughes of Campaign Life Coalition, which is helping organize the 40 Days For Life in Canada, said that the Ottawa campaign held this past Fall was a resounding success, with hundreds attending the opening and midway point rallies and closing ceremonies, and a constant presence at the abortuary vigil site."There were three confirmed saves in Ottawa alone - babies whose mothers changed their minds about having an abortion. In the Fall campaign across North America there were 614 babies saved in total that we know of. God only knows what other blessings will come from the 40 Days for Life as we plan for 2009!" Hughes said.The 40 Days for Life campaign is made up of three key components: - Prayer and Fasting - Peaceful Vigil: standing for life through a 40-day peaceful public witness outside abortion mills 24 hours a day/seven days a week.- Community Outreach: communicating a positive, upbeat pro-life message through media efforts, church presentations, petition drives, and public visibility.While all aspects of 40 Days for Life are crucial in the effort to end abortion, the most visible component is the peaceful prayer vigil outside the Morgentaler abortion mill in Ottawa, the Scott abortion mill in Toronto, the Health Sciences Centre in Winnipeg, and the Clinique Morgentaler in Montreal.40 Days For Life Ottawa has confirmed a start up meeting in the Scavi (church basement) of St. Patrick's Basilica on Tuesday January 13 at 7 pm, a general meeting on Tuesday, February 3 at St. Pat's from 7 to 9 pm, and a Vesper service with Bishop Prendergast on Sunday February 22 at 7 pm at St. Patrick's.In Toronto, campaign organizer Nicole Campbell told LifeSiteNews that there will be a start up meeting on January 19 at 7 pm, and general meetings on February 2 and 17 at 7 pm, all at St. Michael's Choir School, 66 Bond St. A kick-off rally will be announced when particulars are confirmed.

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