Sunday, October 5, 2008

Friday afternoon at the abortion site.

I arrived around 1:00 on Friday October 3 and stayed for a little over two and a half hours. During that time I prayed of course for an end to abortion in general but my heart went out to a young couple who I saw rush into the lobby of 65 Bank street while ignoring the counsellor who kindly tried to give the young woman a pamphlet . I felt such a heavy heart knowing what was most probably taking place during the next two hours.

As I prayed I glanced up at the third floor and wondered where she was. Was she going through with the abortion? Maybe she would change her mind. I hoped and I prayed. I thought of the little baby whose life was about to be ended and prayed for her angel to take her to heaven and that she wouldn't feel any pain.

When they left the abortuary about 2 hours later, the young woman was very pale. They walked slowly to the MacDonald's restaurant next door and it all seemed surreal.

I have so much difficulty comprehending this ugliness that is taking place in our city. Just a short walk from Parliament Hill and amidst the hustle and bustle of the downtown tourist area, is a place where women go to have their babies killed.

There were about 8 others praying during that time. Among them were two very humble and kind sisters Teresa and Sara, from the Religious Order the Queenship of Mary and Simon Lobo a Deacon with the Companions of the Cross. Simon is currently at Saint Maurice Parish and will be ordained in May 2009. He gathered us all together for a blessing before he left the site and for this we were all truly grateful. He asked God to bestow His blessing on all of us and for all those in the place across the street . He prayed for the little souls who would die that day and for all those hurt by abortion and asked God to be with them and be merciful. I truly felt Mary and her Son's presence amidst the sorrow. Please pray for Teresa, Sara and Simon. Their presence was a Grace from God. And please never stop praying for an end to abortion.

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