Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Saturday, November 29, 2008

40 Days Continues

At least 750 attended the closing Rally, and joined in the candelight procession to Saint Patrick Basilica for mass at 7:00 with Archbishop Prendergast. Thank you, your Grace for your support and encouragement throughout the campaign.

Its not over though and perhaps never will be. In fact, until eyes are opened and ears begin to hear and hearts begin to soften, the vigil will continue.

Melanie and I prayed for an hour at the abortion site Friday from 11:00 Am til noon. I arrived at approximately 10:40 and saw Doris praying near the door of 65 Bank so I joined her for a while. Around 11:00 I crossed the street to wait for Melanie who arrived a few minutes later .

We prayed the rosary and while doing so a young couple left 65 Bank st. The woman was very sick and vomited a number of times in the snow bank. She looked so weak and fragile, but the young man with her seemed in a hurry to get going so they continued down the street and past MacDonalds Restaurant. The woman continued to vomit. As I prayed I thought " They kill the baby and send the woman away sick to recuperate alone. I told Jennifer about this occurrence and this is what she said " I feel so angry, more so as a nurse, when I learn that 'patients' are sent out onto the street to recover. There is NO care at these places. It's such a paradox that they respect women and their bodies."

Doris left around 11:45 and Melanie and I left around noon. I had an appointment in the west end of the city for 2:00 PM so I decided to have lunch at 240 Sparks Street. After lunch I returned to the site and saw Frances holding her sign and praying alone. I stayed and prayed with her for a short time but had to leave for my appointment. I regretted that I was unable to stay longer.

It fills my soul with such hope and joy to see the courage and dedication of these faithful witnesses who return to pray several times a week. For me it was my first time back to the site since 40 Days officially ended three weeks ago but I pledge to return every week from now on for at least one hour. That's the least I can do.

Monday, October 20, 2008

Mid Point Rally

Mid Point Rally Sunday October 19, 2008

It was just an amazing turnout and I thank the organizers and all the participants who have been so faithful and generous with their time. God is surely blessing us and will continue to. I would guess that there were at least two hundred participants at the rally.

The coffee and hot chocolate warmed us up and was certainly appreciated.

Many tears were shed among the crowd as we listened to the speeches and testimonies. Nicole told us at the beginning of the campaign that we wouldn't be the same afterwards and she was right. I know I am not the same as I was. To see hearts being changed, babies being saved, families saved from a life of grief and sorrow just fills one's soul with hope overflowing. As Nicole said to save one baby is to save generations.

Our hearts too are being changed, in ways that we we would never have imagined.. Knowing that the ripple effect of what we have witnessed will continue forever just absolutely confirms that God is calling us to do this; to be His witnesses to the truth: to proclaim the Gospel of Life in all its beauty and Glory! He calls each one of us to be His voice in the world, to bring Jesus to the people, and to share in the mission of the Church which is the salvation of souls.

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

40 Days for Life

Jennifer and I decided on Monday that we needed to pray together at the abortion site on Tuesday. I arrived Tuesday morning at approximately 9:10 . Jennifer had arrived earlier.
I met Peter from Saint Elizabeth Parish who had been at the site for some time. Shortly afterwards a few others came by. Jennifer decided to join the two faithful men who were praying the rosary in front of the abortuary while I stayed near the cradle.
As I was praying silently, a man walked by and looked at me thanked me and continued on his way. When Jennifer came back we said our Legion of Mary prayers together and others joined us as we prayed the rosary. We began with this prayer that we always say before doing our Legion of Mary work, and how appropriate we thought are the words

" Mother of us all, Help me as I go to the front today as a solider in your army. Keep my attitude towards people as one of infinite sweetness and patience. Remind me always that I stand before people in your place, doing your work. Remind me how much you love each of your children. Let me disappear, and let my voice, my attitude and my thoughts be yours. In this way, the will of God, who is your Son and my Lord, will be done. I pray with all my heart for the conversion of the souls that I am about to meet. Dear Mother, Queen of Peace, Queen of all Graces, Our Lady of Guadalupe, I am in your service, and I thank you in advance for having listened to my prayer. AMEN

After saying our Legion prayers we decided to sit on a bench in front of the abortuary while holding our signs. A few passers by stopped to talk with us. Two elderly women were unaware that the abortuary was right there and expressed there sadness at the ugliness of it all and how women are so hurt by this and so often it is others who pressure them to end the life of their child. They expressed their gratitude for those who were praying at the site and told us they would pray for all of us.

Shortly after that, two young men in their teens stopped by and looked at our signs and asked us if we thought our prayers would work and we said "yes we do, that is our hope" They smiled and wished us good luck. Jennifer commented on how Jesus was using all of us who were at the site this day and every day as instruments in evangelization.

I thought of the beatitude "Blessed are the Peacemakers" Marcus Grodi from the Journey Home on EWTN explained this beatitude as "being Christ in the world"

Around that time it started to rain and believing the weatherman's prediction of a sunny day we were not prepared. No problem however, because in no time at all we were handed an umbrella from dear Noreen who was praying with about 8 others on the other side of the street. God bless her and the others. We left around noon in order to attend mass at Saint Patrick Basilica and we thank God for His Grace.

Christopher West, Theology of the Body, DVD 1

Sunday, October 5, 2008

Friday afternoon at the abortion site.

I arrived around 1:00 on Friday October 3 and stayed for a little over two and a half hours. During that time I prayed of course for an end to abortion in general but my heart went out to a young couple who I saw rush into the lobby of 65 Bank street while ignoring the counsellor who kindly tried to give the young woman a pamphlet . I felt such a heavy heart knowing what was most probably taking place during the next two hours.

As I prayed I glanced up at the third floor and wondered where she was. Was she going through with the abortion? Maybe she would change her mind. I hoped and I prayed. I thought of the little baby whose life was about to be ended and prayed for her angel to take her to heaven and that she wouldn't feel any pain.

When they left the abortuary about 2 hours later, the young woman was very pale. They walked slowly to the MacDonald's restaurant next door and it all seemed surreal.

I have so much difficulty comprehending this ugliness that is taking place in our city. Just a short walk from Parliament Hill and amidst the hustle and bustle of the downtown tourist area, is a place where women go to have their babies killed.

There were about 8 others praying during that time. Among them were two very humble and kind sisters Teresa and Sara, from the Religious Order the Queenship of Mary and Simon Lobo a Deacon with the Companions of the Cross. Simon is currently at Saint Maurice Parish and will be ordained in May 2009. He gathered us all together for a blessing before he left the site and for this we were all truly grateful. He asked God to bestow His blessing on all of us and for all those in the place across the street . He prayed for the little souls who would die that day and for all those hurt by abortion and asked God to be with them and be merciful. I truly felt Mary and her Son's presence amidst the sorrow. Please pray for Teresa, Sara and Simon. Their presence was a Grace from God. And please never stop praying for an end to abortion.

Debates and sideshows

What's the difference between a Canadian Election Debate and a US Debate? In the US they actually have a debate. Here we say go sic em doggies! Em being the Prime Minister of course . What a foolish sight. I don't know why they were so hot on his shirt tails anyways given that the Conservative Party is starting to become strangely similar to the Liberals and the NDP. And why does Bloc leader Gilles Duceppe even rate a seat at the round table being that his mandate is to break up the country and all! Go figure! Are we losing our collective marbles?

Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Hope on the Horizon

Not a good week for the Economy.

The weather has been cold and damp and it looks like we might even get some snow on our fall posies by the weekend.

But there is a glimmer of hope on the horizon.
People from across Ottawa are coming together to pray for an end to abortion outside of the Morgentaler abortion clinic at 65 Bank Street. You folks in the media and you, our left thinking politicians better stand up and take notice. With power comes responsibility but because you, our politicians have failed to protect the most vulnerable members of our society, and because you, our members of the mainstrean media do not tell the truth, then we, the people must take on this task ourselves. This is just the beginning of a new grassroots movement of ordinary people coming together to pray to an end to this ugliness and horror that is happening in our midst. We will draw attention to this attrocity and we will continue for as long as it takes.