Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Working Towards What Is Possible by Mike Schouten

Working Towards What Is Possible

Written by Mike Schouten
"Together, through education and political action we can end the killing in Canada!"
Linking arms ed and politicaThe Canadian Centre for Bio-Ethical Reform (CCBR) has just completed its latest educational initiative. The New Abortion Caravan travelled from Vancouver to Ottawa making visible the injustice of Canada’s greatest human rights violation - the killing of 100,000 pre-born children every year.
The gruesome reality of abortion that was exposed by the New Abortion Caravan is inescapable. It doesn’t leave you. You go home with it. I know I certainly did. The result of this cross-country tour is that Canadians are increasingly uncomfortable as they see what decades of unfettered access to abortion has brought our land. Abortion on demand through all 9 months of pregnancy has become morally unacceptable for a majority of people living in Canada.

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