Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Weekend in Gananoque with my sisters

What a great time gals. Thanks!!!

Pat picked me up Friday around noon and from my place we proceeded to Osgoode where we met Paula and Barbara. After going to the bathroom and grabbing a cup of very strong coffee we proceeded caravan style to the cabin we rented just outside of Gananoque. We arrived shortly after three and after emptying the cars it dawned on us just how much stuff we had when the two bedrooms, living room and kitchen looked lived in already and we had enough food for a week.

The cabin was really nice and we had a fairly good view of the Saint Lawrence River. We had lots of fun lots to eat and we all let our hair down which incidentally isn't exactly hard to do since we are the Maloneys.

On Saturday we drove into the town, after making a short unexpected jaunt on the much dreaded highway 401 and went down to the waterfront and enjoyed ice cream cones which were a treat from Barbie.

Afterwards we went to mass at Saint John Catholic Church located nearby. And what a surprise it was to see Father Keyes assisting at mass. After mass we had a short visit with our dear Father Keyes whom we have all known and loved since his days as pastor of Saint Anne's Parish in Lanark. Father now resides in a Retirement Home in Gananoque.

After mass we went back to our cabin and we had a great barbecue complete with Birthday brownies for Paula and a crazy sing-a-long! OH what a night!

Pat and I left Sunday and Barb and Paula came home yesterday. We had a wonderful weekend. Thank you God!

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