Wednesday, October 15, 2008

40 Days for Life

Jennifer and I decided on Monday that we needed to pray together at the abortion site on Tuesday. I arrived Tuesday morning at approximately 9:10 . Jennifer had arrived earlier.
I met Peter from Saint Elizabeth Parish who had been at the site for some time. Shortly afterwards a few others came by. Jennifer decided to join the two faithful men who were praying the rosary in front of the abortuary while I stayed near the cradle.
As I was praying silently, a man walked by and looked at me thanked me and continued on his way. When Jennifer came back we said our Legion of Mary prayers together and others joined us as we prayed the rosary. We began with this prayer that we always say before doing our Legion of Mary work, and how appropriate we thought are the words

" Mother of us all, Help me as I go to the front today as a solider in your army. Keep my attitude towards people as one of infinite sweetness and patience. Remind me always that I stand before people in your place, doing your work. Remind me how much you love each of your children. Let me disappear, and let my voice, my attitude and my thoughts be yours. In this way, the will of God, who is your Son and my Lord, will be done. I pray with all my heart for the conversion of the souls that I am about to meet. Dear Mother, Queen of Peace, Queen of all Graces, Our Lady of Guadalupe, I am in your service, and I thank you in advance for having listened to my prayer. AMEN

After saying our Legion prayers we decided to sit on a bench in front of the abortuary while holding our signs. A few passers by stopped to talk with us. Two elderly women were unaware that the abortuary was right there and expressed there sadness at the ugliness of it all and how women are so hurt by this and so often it is others who pressure them to end the life of their child. They expressed their gratitude for those who were praying at the site and told us they would pray for all of us.

Shortly after that, two young men in their teens stopped by and looked at our signs and asked us if we thought our prayers would work and we said "yes we do, that is our hope" They smiled and wished us good luck. Jennifer commented on how Jesus was using all of us who were at the site this day and every day as instruments in evangelization.

I thought of the beatitude "Blessed are the Peacemakers" Marcus Grodi from the Journey Home on EWTN explained this beatitude as "being Christ in the world"

Around that time it started to rain and believing the weatherman's prediction of a sunny day we were not prepared. No problem however, because in no time at all we were handed an umbrella from dear Noreen who was praying with about 8 others on the other side of the street. God bless her and the others. We left around noon in order to attend mass at Saint Patrick Basilica and we thank God for His Grace.


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